Video: Railroad Earth

A few months ago I did some work for Railroad Earth,  a  country bluegrass music group from Stillwater, New Jersey. I came up with a few ideas for the beginning of the video and implemented the good ones after a few adjustments. I used Adobe Photoshop to create the look and  added camera movement in Adobe After Effects. During my brainstorming process I wanted the first 5sec to have a vintage rusty feel.  By doing this I would catch the audiences eye and as a result they would watch the rest of the video.  Here are some of my photoshop ideas:

Railroad Earth is a pretty unique group. The  group combines blue grass, jazz, rock and roll and Celtic together to create a extraordinary sound.  They consist of 6 different members who all posses unique talents. Check out their music at

Here is the final video/interview:

Check out the photos here: