Shopping in Berlin / Fashion Week

Traveling overseas can be a challenging experience especially in an unfimilar country. However finding common ground with individuals around the world is priceless. That’s how I felt especially when I landed in Germany.

While I toured Germany I had a great time shopping in East Berlin.  Throughout my time I visited a few clothing stores that I had seen online, WoodWood and Dunderdon. Not only did I have a great time shopping at the stores but I actually enjoyed talking to the store managers and employees who welcomed me with open arms. The employees were very down to earth and to be honest they felt like friends that I haven’t seen in a while.

If you’re in Berlin anytime soon you should definitely visit WoodWood and Dunderdon

In addition, over the last few days I’ve been capturing video at New York Fashion Week. Even though fashion week is out of the ordinary for me, I’ve enjoyed my experience! With that being said, I’ll have a video shortly overviewing my experience from fashion week.

If you’re in New York for fashion week you should visit Dunderdon while you’re there.
25 Howard Street  New York, NY 10013
(212) 226-4040

Below are A few photos from fashion week:

Below is a photo from GenArt fashion show.

The following photo is from Lincoln Center in New York

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